St. Xaviers School, Kolhapur

Message From President (xesakop)
My dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you and share the progress we have made together as Alumni.

Xesakop has always been a family and all efforts are being made to keep it that way. For which I am thankful to all those who are actively, tirelessly and emotionally working to keep the ever-growing family together. Let us all join hands to maintain a vibrant network and communication amongst ourselves alive.

Xesakop was a brainchild of a few alumni who had gathered together at the time of the Golden Jubilee celebrations. A memorable occasion, which left the entire city of Kolhapur envious and wishing they were students of our prestigious school. It saw a huge turnout of more than 1500 alumnus from all over the world. Xesakop was announced then and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since.

After a period of 10 years, we saw a similar gathering at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, which was again attended by over 1800 alumnus– making it one of the largest Alumnus gatherings among local Schools. The joy and pride on people’s faces had to be seen to be believed and will be remembered for many years to come. The happiness it gave us will be treasured forever.

History was created on these two occasions, and I am proud to be part of it. Such events reiterate the fact that Xesakop is one big family and motivates us to go ahead and arrange many more such gatherings.

I remember, my good old days at school, with great fondness – friends, the places we used to frequent (outside the classrooms) and the josh, unity and spirit displayed during sporting activities. We have seen the School evolve and mature over the years, adapting itself to the changing environment and keeping abreast with the latest teaching standards.

At 60, the school still young, has thousands of students passing out, and each one of us has excelled in the chosen field and travelled far and wide in search of careers. In spite of the distance, the Xesakop network is thriving and is being nurtured.

We have been conducting and will continue to execute several Social activities and projects that are beneficial to the Alumnus, school, students and society. The floor is open for any of our Alumni to participate and contribute physically, monetarily or any which way that is convenient to them. Your suggestions and ideas are also more than welcome.

Xesakop is a Charitable trust. The funds are generated by and for the benefit of Alumnus and Alma Mater. We have been conducting various events and touching upon different fields such as blood donation, cyclothon, helping Teacher’s at their times of need, contributing to School. As you are all aware, we have been on the Social Media and our Facebook page has been active.

Now we introduce you to the Xesakop portal – a step to further to strengthen the bonds between our alumnus and alma mater.

Let us come together for the betterment of not only our alumnus network and school but also for the betterment of the society that we live in. Jai Hind!




For Students of SR.KG Promoted to Std. I For the Academic Year 2022-2023
For Students of 4th std Promoted to 5th std For the Academic Year 2022-2023

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