St. Xaviers School, Kolhapur

Principle Speech

Childhood and School days are remembered as a blissful time of innocence and playfulness. An age when we believed in everything and everybody. As all of us got older, the memories get hazier and hazier until we can hardly tell if they’re memories at all, or maybe just dreams. That’s the time when we start clinging to every small thing that will help us reconnect to the bygone days, get-togethers, social media, a visit to the school, or maybe just a catch-up session over a cuppa with our buddies.

The principal of St Xavier’s High School, Father Ratnakar Dushing, is one such important link between our childhood phase and our grown-up phase. He carries with him abundant knowledge of School history and the journey travelled so far. He has put together an interesting video, especially for the Alumnus, that gives us a complete synopsis of evolution in the School in recent times.




For Students of SR.KG Promoted to Std. I For the Academic Year 2022-2023
For Students of 4th std Promoted to 5th std For the Academic Year 2022-2023

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